Beautiful texture wallpapers for iPhone

 With only a couple of colors, this texture wallpapers set brings tons to your screen. Offering images that are suitable for both the Lock and residential Screen, you'll give your device a fresh makeover in both locations. The textures are complicated in some cases, but also minimal enough to form fans of simplistic backgrounds happy also. Our Wallpapers of the Week collection aims to please everyone on a weekly basis and this crossover category may be a welcome addition.

Texture wallpapers

The collection was snagged from the @iDeviceArt account, which posts great wallpapers on a daily basis. After taking an almost three-year break, iDeviceArt “rebooted” earlier this summer and is, again, sharing fresh wallpapers for download. The account does nothing but share wallpapers. If you would like a download stream of wallpapers with no personal commentary in between, this is often the account to follow.

Below, my favorite image within the texture set is that the red, black, and orange “contamination” wallpaper. Even before posting here, I used it as my background for several weeks. It made an excellent Lock Screen image because it's a touch busy with all of the swirling colors. But, it really pops on the iPhone OLED screen, especially with the contrasting black swirls. This one is followed very closely by the “Dunes” wallpaper, for its simplicity and my extreme excitement for the new Dune movie set to launch on HBO Max and in theaters in October.

Swirling red and black “Contamination” wallpaper for iPhone

Golden, sandy “Dunes” texture wallpaper for iPhone

Golden “Ripples” texture wallpaper for iPhone

Red “Volcanic” wallpaper for iPhone devices


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