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My body is the most expensive… Marwa Rateb’s waist provokes a crisis in the Emirates

My body is the most expensive… Marwa Rateb’s waist provokes a crisis in the Emirates

 Duration / United Arab Emirates: A great case of controversy, attack, and criticism are exposed to  Syrian fashionista, Marwa Rateb, who has waged fierce electronic warfare with her followers in recent days due to her body shape and its size, which seemed to the public strange, exaggerated and unnatural. Syrian fashionista, resident of UAE, Marwa Ratib had plastic surgery on her body to change the shape of her waist, but it seems that it didn't work out perfectly, as her appearance looked a bit strange, but this was not recognized by Marwa Ratib, and he sees that her body is perfect and women are rushing to reach her with cosmetic operations. Marwa Ratib was a guest on an MBC show a few days ago, and the announcer asked her about her plastic surgery and if she regrets it, and Marwa said, "I haven't had any plastic surgery on my face, and for the shape of my waist, it's a very simple procedure that can happen with topical anesthesia or similar and is done in less than a day.

 In response to a question about the attractive shape of his life, Marwa Ratib said: "The operation is very simple and  takes a few hours, and many girls do the same as me and more, but it is possible that the change is due to weight gain after the operation or something similar, and that's normal.“Marwa Ratib, like the rest of the stars and celebrities, used to undergo body and waist sculpting operations, but this time, her body shape and waist were strange, which made her exposed a lot to attack, and his photos through his reports on social media sites were not free from comments from followers, especially girls in the form of Marwa Ratib's body. 

Emiratis wrote a comment to Marwa Rateb and slammed her for speaking on behalf of Emirati girls, who are of Syrian origin her body is wearing revealing clothes, it's not our clothes and it's not our life And she continued her attack on Marwa Ratib: "This actress lives in the Emirates and keeps talking about the Emirates and she replies that it is the Emirates and says that they are the nature of the Emirates.

She...we're modest and in disguise, and she advises all the girls to work their lips and their bodies, even if we reach for her, nothing will happen, but I want her to come out saying she's Syrian, without ever saying our name. This attack on Marwa Ratib did not go unnoticed, but he decided to respond to the suspension of tracking and posted a video clip on his account in which he said: "Regarding the tracking, it has been reported that I was the one who ruined the girls because of clinics,  clinics have been around for a year! An hour ago, Marwa started advertising. 

Clinics are everywhere and everywhere, my love, and they are the biggest and the best clinics in the world. Marwa Ratib added: "If these clinics were not good, they would not have opened more than one in more than one place. Open the files and see. Many clinics and a lot of girls go there have a right to tell them clinics I swear to god you don't know what to say if you follow me do you know what I'm saying or doing? Marwa Ratib: I am dearest Marwa Ratib, who advertises cosmetic clinics, released a video clip talking about her role in this case and how she supported these clinics, and Marwa Ratib said in the video: "I took a leap into the world of cosmetic surgery, its standards, concepts, and beliefs. 

I changed a prevailing misconception that beauty only has limits for a weak girl or thin or a fashionista... and the most important criterion of beauty is to be thin and weak... No, of course... Beauty has no standards, a story that must be thin is not true at all. She added, "Beauty has many molds and many shapes. , that is to say, the beautiful six must be very thin and skinny, but there are also six that can be an icon of beauty, but it is not as weak as the one you automatically see in front of you, and the proof is that I am the greatest and dearest of the cosmetic clinic because of the demand for my appearance and body, and praise is to God, the Merciful, the  Merciful.

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