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Saudi model Ash shows her buttocks to her fans in a bold way

Saudi model Ash shows her buttocks to her fans in a bold way

 Saudi model Ash has posted a new photo on her social networking site, showing off her body, especially her buttocks. Note that "Ash" has removed the comment feature from his posts on his social networking site. Ash wrote: while commenting on the photo: “If the distance reaches the maximum of desire, my wish would cross your distance and bring you back. On the other hand, Ash posted a video showing his taekwondo training. Ash is known to have violated Saudi customs. and  still posts his scandalous photos on the pages of his own  social networking site and  wrote a comment on the video: "Stronger than yesterday.


Model Ash is not enough for a man! 

Model Ash sparked controversy a few days ago, according to a  video posted on her page and relayed by the media,  to warn women who are married to her, because she is not satisfied with a man, and wishes to marry men several times. different nationalities and from different Arab countries. Model Ash relies heavily on images that reveal her charm in outrageous ways, and they don't care about customs or traditions, and live by her whims. Some adore it and others criticize it. 

Model Ash: I'm every man's dream and Yasser AlFaisal makes fun of her.

Model Ash previously said, "Every man wants me and every girl wants to be like me and I'm the beauty queen of the Gulf because I'm the only one on all the social media and among all the celebrities who don't have Botox, fillers and a new face, so I have every right to be proud of my beauty. "Model Ash" said in a previous video: "I'm every man's dream who is his wife which prompted the Saudi blogger, Yasser AlFaisal, to respond to him at the time, saying, “Lose… Let me give you some information. They represent us, so don't be fooled by their comments about you in the virtual world and be shocked by the reality.

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